Malcolm Proops D. Hyp., PDCHyp
Clinical Hynotherapist

When most of us think of “Hypnotherapy” we always consider its use in what we see on the television, “Stage Hypnotism” simply fools guiding even bigger fools around a stage making themselves look and
act stupid.

This is so far from what we do that as therapists we are tired and fed up of explaining what the difference is. YOUR SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT .

We are here to help, counsel and support our patients by giving sympathetic and thoughtful treatment in a kind and peaceful environment.
This is the difference between “ism” and “therapy”.

Born from a high ethos of healing today's therapy especially under the auspices of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis gives you the assurance that you will be cared for with all care and attention that you deserve. Our integrity, understanding and patient confidentiality assures you that the treatment you receive is of the highest standard.

His clinic is based in Worcester Park , Surrey combining Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and Counselling services. He is also a tutor for the


Having successfully raised a family and having been prominent in a specialised field of business Malcolm now feels that he needs to give back some of his huge experience, confidence and insight from his life skills.



Having received the highest level of training with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis he is able to offer highly developed Hypnotherapy skills.

Malcolm Proops Clinical Hypnotherapist


It is often said that your clients decide what it is you are here to do. They choose you not you choose them. As well as the more straightforward issues such as stopping smoking, phobia cures and panic attacks he has been able to help many people who seemed to be stuck, depressed with no sense of a future.

He is extremely successful in pain management and has helped many patients reduce and cope with an acceptable level of pain.



For appointments please contact Malcolm on:

Tel: 020 8395 5544

Mob: 07715 488441